We are not offering charters at this time due to redesign and fleet alocation.




Sea Sickness

Extreme to Mild


Scopace RX 0.4mg, capsule 8 hours before sea


Transderm Scop RX 1.5mg, patch 4 hours before sea


Genger, Dramamine, Bonine,





Gulf Oil Crisis

All deliveries that require gulf crossing will be subjected to route changes to avoid oil spill.



A little about us

Welcome to Blue Sky Sailing- Your best choice in elite yacht delivery. We are the top in yacht delivery if you have a 30ft day sailor or a Dubai or Mediterranean bound Mega yacht. We have handled it, all we have excelled at it all. If your vessel is your jewel or your prize possession there is no other Yacht delivery team you should consider. We specialize in on the water delivery, we specifically design transit roughs to minimize all stresses possible on your vessel during delivery.

Your knowledge makes the difference

  • There are many delivery services out there that have no problem running your engine at un recommended rpm levels, sailing in seas and weather that place your vessel at extreme risk of failure , permanent damage, destruction or complete loss . We are not hired to put your vessel through a sea test. That is your job and your choice. For far to long a group of rag tag sailors have been placing a blight on a once extremely respected profession. Your vessel is known by you we follow each and every little idiosyncrasy you know to the letter. Every boat sails different, ever engine has special needs you know them we learn them from you and watch every nut bolt and pin you tell us to. We treat your vessel as if it is our own we run your vessel by your rules and your rules are law.

Clean Ship is a good ship

  • Your vessel may be brand new and right out of the mold, or it may be your 40 year old pride and joy. The fact is you sail because you love it and you love your boat that is why you sail her. We take extra steps in every aspect of yacht delivery there will never be any drinking, smoking, any disrespect of you or your vessel ever. If we hear or find any reason to question the behavior of any of captains or crew that work for Blue Sky Sailing it will not be tolerated. We may depart with your vessel with a bit of trash or clothing or any other item that may be left lose on your vessel, when we arrive all trash and debri will be disposed of and everything will be in better order and appearance than the day we set sail for your desired location.

We go above and beyond

  • Our goal is to go above and beyond in every aspect of yacht delivery.

We would like for you to compare us

  • Please compare us to other delivery services. You'll find we will strive to provide only the best. If you find a company that can provide better service, please tell us about it so that we can improve or level of service to you the customer.